Photo:  Chloe Crespi

Linda Colletta (b.1974, New York)

Unabashedly visual, Linda Colletta’s work draws the viewer in through her fresh, vibrant canvases. Often referencing the political–poetical aspects of graffiti art, punk rock, urban grit and the natural environment, her approach to painting integrates a radical embrace of the subconscious mind. Using sweeping gestural marks, she allows fluid brushstrokes and the intersection between the intentional and the subliminal to guide her process. Consciously incorporating bright, energetic colors, her works evoke the sensation of free-spirited spontaneity.  

While at first glance Coletta’s abstract paintings have a seemingly accidental quality, upon closer inspection, they are saturated in socio-cultural undertones. Her practice intricately weaves together the industrial, the found, and ephemeral, with a candidly organic method. Using a vintage wallpaper brush and incorporating up-cycled workman painters’ drop cloths, she layers her work with drips, drops, and spills, ultimately creating a visual relationship between the past and present, synthesizing with those who have worked and created before her. Calling upon her upbringing—her mother was technically trained as a medical illustrator and her father was a highly skilled Japanese watercolorist—her practice continuously channels the ethos of hard work, exploration and refinement, and an homage to painting itself.

Colletta’s body of work falls into four broad groups: Brushworks, Dropcloths, Moons, and Paint Skins. Each series explores uncharted conceptual territories through a playful balance between control and self-discovery as a means of self-expression. All the while, she honors her human spirit—joyful, present, and ever-evolving.


Linda Colletta has been creating art in various mediums for over 25 years, and first translated her passion for art into a career as a scenic painter in the television industry before dedicating herself full-time to painting professionally. Her artistic approach as an abstract expressionist, creates vibrant and uplifting works for designers and individual collectors. Linda is self taught and works from her studio in Bridgeport, CT

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