CT Cottages and Gardens

Off the foyer are the living and dining areas, where Davies used two similar custom rugs to subtly define the space while keeping it cohesive. The room is an odd shape, and the designer had to work in a piano. “The room is not symmetrical so everything needed to be slightly different to trick the eye,” she says. A curved sofa with a hint of mod anchors the living area, while a steel-framed lounge chair has a tougher edge. Another funky chair adds a surprising jolt of jewel-toned purple. Two pieces by Connecticut artist Linda Colletta add vivid pops to the otherwise serene palette. “There is a very fine line between overdone and tacky, and elegant and quiet,” Davies notes. “I used pieces that stand on their own, but nothing is overwhelming thanks to the subdued color palette.” 

So grateful to be apart of this lovely interior! Shout out to D2 Interieurs and a big thanks to Cottages & Gardens!

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