Paint Skins

These pieces evolved from an inability to throw out the left over paint I would peel of pallets every few weeks, I suppose I’m a paint hoarder, as I collected hundreds of these over the last five years and wound up with a huge stack of them in my studio. While working on pieces for my Painterly Series, my pallets collect layers and layers of random paint. When the layers get to thick on the pallet, I peel it off to start with a new clean pallet every few paintings. The paint peels off in a plasticky sheet called a Paint Skin, and the underside of these skins were just fascinating to me,
so random and yet totally perfect.

I cut the paint skins up, which is so oddly satisfying - to cut paint with s scissor! - and collage them back together on canvas. The effect, while it wasn't intentional at the time, reminds me of the peeling, decay of posters, murals, graffiti and facades burned into my mind
from when I lived in the Lower East Side.

Once the first set of these Paint Skin pieces were complete, I began the process of purposely painting “accidental” paint skins while creating news works for my Painterly Series. This cycle of consciously painting one piece and using it’s “leftovers” to create another piece is a process that challenges two very different aspects of my consciousness and purposely prevents me from ever falling into stagnant, formulaic painting and keeps the work ever evolving, exploring exploration itself. I think of my Paint Skins the bi-product my Painterly pieces,
as if one is the film negative and the other the print.