Glassine Series

These pieces were inspired by a lovely accident, as most my is. I spilled some watered down acrylic paint on this archival paper I use to wrap my paintings in for shipping called Glassine paper. The next day I came in to find that the way the paint and the paper reacted and dried, was just amazing, I fell in love and started laying out sheets of the paper everywhere and pouring paint on them for drying. The paper is slightly water resistant, so it repels paint in some areas and wrinkles up and absorbs pools of paint in others. The random yet rhythmic patterns created feel to me like ripples, waves and even leopard print at times. I adhere several layers of the paper to canvas with a matte medium, the translucency of the paper combines with the layering of drips, stripes and puddles creates an outer worldly atmosphere. This process is extremely labor intensive, each piece takes several weeks to complete which is like an eternity to me, I am a horribly impatient painter!