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In this fast-paced split-second world, I am interested in slowing you down, drawing you in, compelling you to look closer and linger longer on the smaller moments that make up the bigger picture of the work and our lives. Using color as my muse, I express textures, marks, and layers found in nature and urban decay on a physical, emotional, and spiritual level. Working in a variety of mediums - acrylics, oil sticks, pastels, graphite, and ink I attempts to capture moments in time, and the spaces in-between.

The process of my work revolves around collecting, harvesting, and re-imagining the unconsciously created drips, spills, trials, scribbles, and dried up pallets leftover from the process of previous works and then consciously utilizing them to ignite the next series of work. It's a cycle of unconsciousness to consciousness or accidental to deliberate that challenges two very different aspects of my mind and purposely prevents me from ever falling into stagnant, formulaic painting and therefore keeps the work ever evolving.

Juxtaposed ideas like accidental perfection, treasured leftovers, beautiful decay and exact randomness are a constant muse in my work that challenge me and act as a jumping off point for the mood or composition of a final piece. The challenge to up-cycle what some might see as a mistake, a mess, or a waste fuels my personal beliefs around finding the perfection and all the lessons there are to learn from the seemingly random events of our lives and circumstances.


Linda Colletta has been creating art in various mediums for over 20 years, and first translated her passion for art into a career as a scenic painter in the television industry before dedicating herself full-time to a painting career. She currently defines her artistic approach as an abstract expressionist, creating colorful and uplifting works for designers and individual collectors.

Linda studied at Parsons School of Design and works from her studio in Bridgeport, CT

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